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Birch – the secret behind acoustic versatility

SQ1 drum shells are made of 100% European Birch. Because of its sound characteristics – balanced in low, mid and high – the Birch drum sound is very popular for studio recordings as well as live performances. When developing SQ1, Sonor tested several combinations of Birch-based shell materials. Sonor’s conclusion was that pure Birch provided the most versatile sounding drum. Sonor’s unique CLTF “Cross Lamination Tension Free” and OSM “Optimum Shell Measurement” process (slightly narrowed outside shell measurement) provide excellent sustain and easy tuning.


Sound Sustainer – the intelligent drum mount

Another feature unique to the SQ1 series is Sonor’s visually clean, acoustically neutral Sound Sustainer tom brackets. This two-part system, found at each mounting point and leg, is inspired by German automobile engine mounting systems. It uses beefy, 3D-printed rubber insulators to prevent shell-to-mount energy loss, for larger, louder toms and floor toms. And because they forgo the hoop-attached mounts of traditional tom suspensions, Sound Sustainers won’t distract from the beauty of your shells.