Pirastro Gold Rosin


Especially well suited for Gold gut strings.

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Orange. Especially well suited for Gold gut strings.

High quality rosin allows for perfect bowing without scratchy sounds, especially if only a thin layer of rosin is applied.

The general rule is:

  • violinists and violists use a harder, dryer rosin

  • cellists use a medium strong rosin

  • bassists a softer rosin

 Another important aspect for choosing the right rosin is the core material of the string that are being used:

  • steel strings are easier played if you use a hard, dry rosin

  • for synthetic, gut and gut wound strings use a softer rosin

Moreover, experienced players prefer softer rosin when playing in a studio and harder rosin in a concert hall. Hard rosin works best in tropical climates while soft rosin is good for cold climates.
We develop our own specific rosin and design it according the technical requirements of our different string lines. That is also the reason why we name our rosin after the brand names of our violin and viola string lines.