A hand paddle is a device worn by swimmers during training. It consists of a plastic plate worn over the swimmer's palm and attached over the back of the swimmer's hand with elastic cords. The plate is often perforated with a pattern of holes.

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  • Marisub Swim Paddles are a great piece of training equipment for swimmers of all ages and any skill level, whether you’re swimming for sport, fitness, or just for the love of being outdoors, while also in a large body of water. Plus, since they are available in three sizes, they’re a excellent addition to anyone’s swim bag, from massive banana hands to tiny presidential stubs to somewhere in between.
  • The shape of these swim hand paddles allows for more resistance against the water while propelling your forward more effectively, like a hot spoon plunging into a tub of ice cream after your recent breakup. If you’re really worried about that breakup, you should definitely invest in some swim paddles. They will drastically improve your strength and technique, thus making you more confident, and confidence is very attractive. Think about how irresistible you will be once you start using these.
  • Why should you train with Marisub Swim Paddles? To increase your power through specific muscle development. Increase resistance to develop upper-body strength, and there is no denying it, you could use some more strength in your upper-body.
  • When you swim with your Swim Paddles, you train to strengthen your big muscles, similar to riding a bike in a higher gear. With Marisub Swim Paddles, your ability to grab water greatly increases, and you can propel your body further forward when you contract your lats on each stroke. Marisub Swim Paddles are what Aquaman used during his training to join the Justice League, and look at how well he swims now!
  • Let’s face it, you aren’t perfect, and chances are, neither is your swim stroke technique. With these paddles, you can focus on stroke mechanics to promote early catch. They are constructed to amplify all forces felt during the pulling motion, therefore your catch and the pull will get more leverage, and allow you to focus and fine-tune your stroke. The first step on the path to improvement is admitting that there is a problem. So be honest, not to us, but to yourself.