Power System around the shoulders, back and waist corrects upper body movement pattern, allowing for appropriate rotation of the spine to level up accucary and complete every complex movement of the upper limb and waist flawlessly.

Color : Red

Size ( measure chest circumference at the widest point ):

S = 85-95 cm / 33 1/2- 37 1/2″

M= 92-102 cm / 36 1/4-40 1/4″

L= 99-110 cm / 39 -43 1/4″

XL = 107-117 cm / 42 1/4 – 46 ”

Wearing Instructions

Make sure Comfort System is positioned under the chest.

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  • Power System completely covers the front sides and upper edges of the shoulders, the latissimus dorsi muscles, and both sides of the waist. It increases the proprioception of the covered area, flexibility in the torso and thorax, and the coordination and fluency of upper limb movements. Furthermore, it increases strength and explosiveness during striking, rotating, swinging, and other movements.
  • Seamless design increases overall comfort.
  • Comfort System wicks sweat and stays breathable to keep the body dry and comfortable during exercise, effectively maintaining a balanced body temperature.
  • General Compression can improve blood circulation, reduce the tremors of muscle contractions, and remove metabolic waste. In addition, it accelerates lactate metabolism, delays fatigue, and effectively enhances muscle endurance.
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