Based on functional structure of ankle and surrounding muscles, EmbioZ socks are designed with special heels straps informed by kinesiology theory to enhance sensory perception and improve balance,strength, and explosiveness. Buffer protection design cushion impact to provide excellent comfort. Compression can enhance blood circulation to reduce fatigue. The perfect union of three concepts brings athletes the ultimate experience in comfort and performance enhancement.

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Ankle Support Compression Socks with double loop stabilizer design of heel strap support ligaments of heel and ankle to improve stability during jumps and shifting movements. unique spiral Power Band wraps around ankle to enhance sensory perception and prevent excessive roll during lateral movement. Buffer protection for toes, heels and Achilles tendon cushion impact while offering protection by stabilizing muscles. High tension weave structure better fits curvature of ankle and arch. Moisture-wicking thread keeps socks breathable and provides optimal comfort. General Compression promotes peripheral circulation, increasing blood movement and metabolism in lower limbs while reducing fatigue.

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