KORG Keytar RK100S-2 Keyboard – Black


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The greatest attraction of the RK series is its beautiful body shape that refuses to be bound by the constraints of keyboard instruments. The wooden body is strongly influenced by guitars, featuring a design that includes both strength and softness to generate an enduringly ageless attractiveness.

The RK-100S 2 further progresses this attention to detail, and features a clear finish that lets the woodgrain show. Since each individual unit will have a different woodgrain (*), it projects an even greater sense of high quality and taste than previously. Although it is an electronic instrument, each individual unit is finished with careful attention, making it an instrument with a distinctively unique presence that will continue to provide the joy of ownership.

Clear finish shows the beautiful woodgrain
New programs that emanate powerful presence when soloing
37-note slim keyboard for easy playability
Two ribbon controllers to broaden your performance potential
Battery operation allows long operation time
Vocoder function lets you accent your staging
Also a great choice as a master keyboard
A full range of included items such as a soft case