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The Ibanez RG370AHMZ RG Standard electric guitar in Blue Moon Burst benefits from over three decades of Ibanez expertise. Taking on the the deep double cutaway body shape, with elegant curves in all the right places, the RG370AHMZ is as comfortable as one would expect from this classic design. Whether you’re picking up the guitar for the first time, or have many years of playing experiences under your fingertips, this beauty is perfectly accommodating and holds its own perfectly against other models bearing significantly higher price tags.

Sublime RG design

The body is built using ash, which gives the RG370AHMZ as lightweight feel that carries a much weightier midrange energy than one may expect. The deep double cutaway profile makes upper fret access delightfully comfortable. The figure-hugging curves of the elegantly sculpted edges allow the guitar to sit just right as you perform the most elaborate of musical passages.

Wizard III neck

Ibanez’ guitars are renowned for their neck designs, and the RG370AHMZ benefits from their passion for crafting super slim, super strong, and super-fast-playing necks. The RG370AHMZ has been bestowed with a Wizard III 3-piece maple neck, designed to facilitate lighting fast playing, rewarding accuracy and precision – whilst forgiving players who are building up their chops. Married to the neck is a maple fingerboard, which is home to 24-frets for a healthy two-octave range to roam freely in. The frets are adorned with dot position inlays to guide your way in understated fashion.


The Ibanez RG370AHMZ is armed with a powerful electronics setup, a trio of Quantum pickups that carry out the task of providing a huge dynamic range bursting at the seams with tonal versatility with aplomb. The neck pickup produces thickened tones that are great for chords and rhythm playing, whilst the bridge offers a tighter response with an emphasis on high-end energy, which makes it great for lightning fast leads that demand great articulation. The middle pickup offers a generous representation of the ash/maple/maple setup. Thanks to the 5-way pickup selector switch, you can blend together the neck and middle, and bridge and middle pickups with ease, or isolate each pickup. The master volume and master tone switches keep tonal control nice and simple, allowing you to free your mind to get on with performing.


Ibanez trem systems are some of the best in the world. The RG370AHMZ comes with the Edge-Zero II with the third iteration of the awesome Zero Point System (ZPS3Fe), making tuning simple and thoroughly stable. There is a back stop to prevent the guitar from going out of tune if you snap a string, but if you prefer to dive and bend with abandon, then the ZPS is removable too. The tremolo’s spring tension is adjustable without the need to remove panels, thanks to the manual adjustment wheel on the back of the guitar.

The Ibanez RG370AHMZ RG Standard electric guitar is the perfect companion for guitarists who need a model that allows them to play with absolute freedom, but who are also focused on affordability. At this price tag, the RG370AHMZ sets the bar when it comes to high performance-high value guitars.