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Safety Instructions

  • Children under the age of five years should only skate under the supervision of adults.
  • Always wear full protective gears (such as wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and helmet) while skating.
  • Ensure that all the screws, rivets and the shoes are securely fastened before commence skating.
  • Skate only at safe and designated locations.
  • Avoid skating where there is heavy traffic, at crowded places or during the night with inadequate lighting.
  • Avoid skating on wet, oily or uneven surfaces.
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Model No. :
MS – 835L
Shoes Types :
Recreational (adjustable size)
Size :
S︰EUR 30 – 33 
M︰EUR 34 – 37 
L︰EUR 38 – 41
4 sizes Adjustable
Color :
Black / White
Black / Yellow
Pink / White
Frame :
Two-piece Aluminum frame
Bearing :
608ZZ (ABEC 7) Carbon Steel
Boot material :
Soft boot type – PP shell, PVC fabric, mesh and EVA foam
Wheels :
PU Wheels 
S︰ 64 mm / 80A 
M︰ 72 mm / 80A
L︰ 76 mm / 80A
Brake :
One standard brake at right shoe (can be detached).
Accessories :
Wrench and screw set 
Instruction manual
Remark :
The size of this shoe is smaller than normal for 1 EUR size.


Skates and Accessories Maintenance Procedures

Wash and dry the skates’ insoles/liners regularly to prevent odor and bacteria growth. Rotate the wheels periodically to even out the wear and prolong the useful life of the wheels. Avoid skating on rough surface to prolong the useful life of both the wheels and bearings. Do not change the wheels or bearings individually as it will affect the stability during skating. Clean the bearings after an extended period of use or when the wheels do not rotate smoothly or “hissing” noise is present during wheel rotation. Bearings can be removed, soak in de-greaser for half an hour, wipe dry, lubricate and re-assemble to prolong the useful life. Store the skates and accessories in dry and shaded places when not in use to prevent parts corrosion and material deterioration.